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Steven Broekhof (1984) graduated cum laude as an architect. (Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, 2013) Afterwards he did a postgraduate at the Strelka Institute in Moscow, where he did research: the future of living in Moscow. In 2010, Steven studied architecture at the Universität der künste in Berlin.

In his work Steven focuses on the boundary between the built and unbuilt environment and varies from spatial and architectural interventions to urban and landscape strategies.

Steven is fascinated by everyday routines, the history of it and its influence on our living environment.



Iris Wijn (1983) is an urban designer (Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, 2013). The graduation project of Iris was selected for the Archiprix and formed the occasion for the nomination of ‘Young Innovator 2016’ at the Board of Government Advisors. (CRa)

Iris uses her work experience at various design agencies in the Netherlands, abroad and the government to form a versatile story of an assignment. When making a design Iris thinks it is important to address current themes.

Her strength as a designer is to make visible and apply spatial structures in a unique way.